Discover the projects for which architects and designers have chosen Laminam to achieve their vision.⁠

Inspired by nature, paying tribute to the great stones used in traditional Italian architecture, In the world of Laminam, every suggestion of reality is transformed into architectural surfaces which stimulate the creativity of their observer.

Laminam produces ceramic slabs which challenge the traditional uses of this material, creating large-sized minimum thickness surfaces, which are used in exterior architecture, interior design, and furnishings. The aim is to redefine and ply spaces so that they become an expression of our personality and give rise to places to live and work and feel at ease with ourselves and with others.

Endless application possibilities of Laminam surfaces. Whether façades, wall cladding, indoor flooring, or interior furnishings, the stylistic features of the slabs and the versatility of their availability will make it possible to accomplish results of the utmost aesthetic impact, concurrently marked by timeless elegance and extreme functionality and durability.

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