5 ideas for tiling a modern bathroom

Ideas and solutions for tiling a modern bathroom: get inspiration for choosing colors, effects, and decors to use in a contemporary bathroom.

3D wall tiles for a dynamic effect

In recent years several innovative solutions for bathroom walls have emerged. Of these, 3D wall tiles are the ones with the greatest aesthetic impact. The dynamic effect of the three-dimensional tiles adds depth even to very small spaces and transforms the walls of the bathroom into scenic backdrops. The sinuous or geometric lines of the reliefs create an interplay of light and shadows that add movement to the surrounding space. 3D wall tiles reveal their aesthetic power in all their variants.

Light and natural-toned wall tiles

The shades of the modern bathroom are neutral beiges and creams, perfect when combined with any other color and ideal for small spaces. Of the various nuances, taupe is ideal for a modern, simple, elegant bathroom, whether large or small. Decorating a bathroom with all-white tiles is another possible solution, as it allows you more freedom to play with the colors of the furnishings and accessories.

Light marble-effect wall tiles for a bright bathroom

Marble is an emblem of timeless elegance and has always been one of the most highly sought-after materials for bathroom walls. Bright, solid, and sophisticated, marble can make any space stand out and continues to be very trendy. Marble-effect porcelain tiles faithfully reproduce the veins and colors of marble, and of all the ideas for modern bathroom wall tiles it is the look that best ensures excellent value for money.

In bathrooms, light marble-effect wall tiles add brightness to both classic settings and more contemporary spaces.

Stone-effect wall tiles for a spa bathroom

Tranquility, peace, and purity are indispensable elements for a spa. Sensations that only stone can convey and that make stone-effect wall tiles perfect for this type of space. The new trends in architecture and interior design love to recreate textures and settings inspired by nature, combining the exceptional technical performance of porcelain tiles with an extraordinary look.

Stone-effect floor and wall tiles bring the spa to the bathroom, creating a safe, comfortable wellness area.

Wall tiles in shades of gray

Gray wall tiles in a modern bathroom can make even a simple space look elegant. Gray is the refined color par excellence and a tone-on-tone combination produces an unparalleled sophisticated look.

The varying shades of gray create evocative combinations that can be embellished with contrasting colored elements or unique fixtures. A gray bathroom will never go out of style, and over the years it can be renewed by playing with fabrics and accessories