Introducing the Infinity Range: Redefining Elegance in Every Space

We are thrilled to unveil our latest collection that promises to transform any room into a masterpiece of sophistication and uniqueness: The Infinity Range.

Travertino Bianco

An icon of classicism that knows no seasons.

From ancient material to contemporary icon: white travertine, the undisputed protagonist of classical and monumental architecture, lives again today as a highly prestigious surface. Ideal for transforming indoor and outdoor spaces into exclusive settings, it evokes a noble and timeless soul that is eternally contemporary. Because true elegance knows how to evolve while remaining the same.


Endless layers in a nature-inspired work of art.

A unique and unrepeatable material, as precious as the stone from which it takes its inspiration. The large-format slab is criss-crossed by agglomerates of agates that seem to move in a hypnotic effect that makes the material alive and dynamic. Each agate stands out from the others thanks to its changing colours and stratifications, which contribute to the harmony of the whole: an invitation to explore the wonder of every environment.


Beyond Black: all the charm of a surface that goes beyond space.

A name that contains an element of mystery and the promise of daily escapes from reality. Andromeda starts from the depth of black onyx, but goes further: sinuous streaks create a texture that invites contemplation, the irregular texture of the agglomerate of stones evokes the great spaces of the universe. Light effects animate the surface like stardust, giving any room an otherworldly charm.


The geometrical rhythm of contemporaneity.

A labyrinth of modules intersected with precision and harmony in a dynamic geometric pattern. Sharp lines, rounded corners, fluid brushstrokes and flat colours are the elements that make up the surface structure of a slab that is a contemporary patchwork for a great scenic effect. The graphic manifesto of an abstract beauty, the homage to a hypnotic and radical design idea.


A Monochrome trend for a contemporary home decor.

A surface that embodies all the elegance of Italian design thanks to a shade of sage green that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. The essential aesthetics of solid-colour resin makes it ideal for infusing freshness and grace into any context, whether inserted into monochrome settings or combined with unexpected nuances and materials. The matt finish enhances a feeling of refined restraint.


The charm of luxury in a bold surface.

A slab that stands out for its perfect balance of form and surface, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Starring a dark teal nuance that cannot go unnoticed and that has established itself as a synonym of enveloping elegance for designers and creatives, from fashion to interior design. Thanks to its deep shade, it lends an atmosphere of discreet luxury to any environment, immediately becoming its stylistic hallmark.