Why choose a porcelain kitchen countertop

Large porcelain slabs are the ideal solution for hygienic, durable surfaces suitable for any style of interior. Porcelain tiles are able to become a part of the furnishings in a kitchen thanks to their practicality and beauty.

Vibrant heart

The vibrant heart of the home and one of the most used spaces, the kitchen must be designed taking into account every detail, giving equal weight to functionality and beauty. It is the central hub of the home where cuisine and conviviality coalesce. This explains why it is interesting to use tiles in the kitchen and have the possibility of matching floors or walls with the finishes of kitchen counters and worktops, to create coordinated, modern, elegant spaces.

The benefits of porcelain kitchen countertops

Large porcelain slabs used as kitchen tops create spaces with a strong esthetic impact and superior technical performance.
They have the advantage of minimizing joints, thus making the surface easier to clean and durable over time.
Porcelain tiles are a perfect material for this type of application, also because they are extremely resistant, hygienic and safe.
Indeed, porcelain tiles are waterproof, resistant to stains, scratches, and temperature fluctuations, and are not affected by the acidic or corrosive products used for normal housekeeping.
Thanks to its incredible resistance, a porcelain kitchen top can be used as a surface for preparing foods, eliminating the need for cutting boards and trivets, becoming an exceptional worktop.
Large porcelain slabs are also an eco-sustainable solution that reduces our reliance on quarries. An aspect that meets the need for a more sustainable design and makes porcelain tiles an ecological solution for those who want to contribute to protecting the environment.

Porcelain tiles for kitchen counters: textures and colors

Porcelain tiles faithfully reproduce the textures of natural materials such as stone, concrete, wood, metal and marble, combining the realism of the original material with the characteristics of resistance and durability.
Emporio Ceramico features a wide range of colors and finishes that can be used for the counters and worktops of a modern kitchen. Depending on the design, it’s possible to create kitchen countertops using marble-effect, concrete-effect, stone-effect, metal-effect and wood-effect porcelain tiles.
There are many color combinations to choose from, for a kitchen top built to your own specifications.
Porcelain tiles also allow you to clad the kitchen top with large slabs that are the same as or coordinated with the kitchen floor and wall tiles