Crystal Blue

Introducing Crystal Blue, a natural stone wonder that captures the essence of the endless sky and the deep ocean. With its mesmerizing azure tones and subtle crystalline patterns, this exquisite stone variety elevates any space into a sanctuary of sophistication and calm. Immerse your interiors in the timeless allure of Crystal Blue.

Crystal Blue boasts a harmonious blend of soft blues and delicate crystal formations, creating a visual masterpiece that resonates with serenity. Each slab showcases nature’s artistry with unique patterns, adding a touch of timeless beauty to your interiors. The serene hues provide a versatile backdrop, seamlessly integrating with various design styles, making it a statement piece in any room.

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Crystal Blue

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Patagonia Glace Quartzite 17624
Patagonia Glacé
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Crystal Quartzite Backlit 17620
Crystal White
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Crystal Rosa Azul Quartzite 17623
Crystal Rosa Blue
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Crystal Pink Quartzite Backlit 17622
Crystal Pink
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