Explosion blue

The Explosion Blue Quartzite resembles lava rock and has waves and curved, irregular stripes of colors ranging from white and blue to gray and black on it. It has a pleasing, eye-catching pattern to it. It also comes in colors and is off-white and faint yellow. Due to its rich pattern, it is difficult to gauge its base color.

This kind of Quartzite is quite durable. It is also resistant to scratching and etching. This marble comes from Italy, and people immediately get attracted to it. It is used for enhancing the beauty of walls and floors.

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Explosion Blue

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Explosion Blue Quartzite 14691
Explosion Blue
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Deep Blue Quartzite 15779
Deep Blue
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Santorini Blue Granite 15726
Santorini Blue
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Tungstenio Quartzite 12969
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