Onyx Sky

Marvel Onyx is born, the new Atlas Concorde marble-effect collection inspired by precious natural onyx slabs.‎ As transparent as a sheet of glass, Marvel Onyx is distinguished by its deep and homogeneous surface effect.‎
Marvel Onyx is inspired by the timeless beauty of onyx, offering a contemporary reinterpretation.‎ The result is elegant surfaces that are easy to use in any context.‎
Onyx lends itself to multiple combinations, offering complete freedom of expression.‎ The contemporary nature of Marvel Onyx allows the collection to be paired with Entice woods and Boost World cements.‎
The range comes in the main soft shades White, Alabaster, Pearl, and those with a stronger personality such as Noir, Sky and Quartz.‎ Pure nuances designed to convey a pleasant sense of well-being.‎

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Onyx Sky


120x240 cm - 9 mm

120x278 cm - 6 mm