Travertino Sand Vein

Reinterpreting travertine – one of the most classic architectural materials that has spanned centuries and styles – in a contemporary key was Atlas Concorde 's challenge in bringing Marvel Travertine to life.‎ Travertine has been an elegant constant in architecture since ancient times.‎ Marvel Travertine inherits its grandeur in a contemporary key, replicating its look but transforming it into a versatile, durable, high-performance surface that takes full advantage of the qualities and characteristics of porcelain tiles.‎ There are three colors – White, Sand and Pearl – produced in two graphic variants:
- Vein Cut: reproduces the most common cut of travertine, which is obtained by cutting the blocks parallel to the veins.‎
- Cross Cut: against the grain, with a cloudy effect, reproduces the cut made perpendicular to the stone’s veins.‎
The colors White and Sand are inspired by the warm tones of the stone and feature slight beige streaks.‎ The Pearl shade, on the other hand, is a warm, somber gray.‎

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Travertino Sand Vein


120x240 cm - 9 mm

120x278 cm - 6 mm