The warm embrace of wood-look porcelain tile

Warm and delicate atmospheres, able to characterise spaces with a suggestive natural mood. This is the common theme uniting the various wood-look porcelain tile colours that bring a combination of aesthetic appeal, exceptional technical performance and project versatility to spaces.

The wood look inspired by the lightest shades of oak, extremely faithful to the colours and shading of the original essence, makes for comfortable, welcoming spaces that are not short on elegant suggestion.

Like this living room, featuring the Exence collection, where the naturalness of wood-look porcelain tile heightens the sensation of well-being in a space characterised by ever changing contrasts between the light and dark areas. In its Almond shade, the Exence porcelain tile lends itself to domestic interiors inspired by typical northern European easy living.

In the dining room, the Saw Cut version, which involves the irregular effect of traditional “saw-cut” processing, brings dynamic and intense design notes to the interior while retaining that natural, spontaneous character for which Exence stands out.

The same intense and suggestive atmospheres are recreated in these prestigious interior design projects where Heartwood ceramic surfaces even out all the furnishing elements: made to measure bookcases that hold ancient volumes, iconic pieces that are contemporary in design, and meticulously-selected finishes that communicate with technological furnishings, creating a perfectly coordinated space.