Unleashing Nature's Masterpieces: Introducing Antolini Tech's Exquisite Collection of Porcelain Slabs

Antolini is renowned for being the curator of Mother Nature's most desired and recognisable masterpieces. With their unbound curiosity and passion, they bring the finest creations of nature to light.

Calacatta Verde

Step into the lap of luxury with Calacatta Verde, a classical Italian marble with a

distinctive green vein that exudes sophistication and elegance. The mesmerizing

interplay of bright to deep green veins against an inky black backdrop creates a

striking visual effect, while the characteristic milky background adds to its timeless

appeal. This slab is adorned with occasional sparks of golden pyrite, elevating its

allure to new heights. With its understated yet unmistakable flare of color, Calacatta

Verde is the epitome of refined taste and a perfect choice for those seeking to add

a touch of opulence to their spaces.


With its innate sophistication and timeless elegance, Dalmata is a precious ally for

designers seeking to imbue any environment with a sense of harmony and

refinement. Like a perfectly tailored gown, this exquisite natural stone masterfully

interweaves the classic "non" colors of black and white, creating a visual poetry that

captivates the senses. Dalmata's appearance takes center stage, mirroring the soul

of times past while blending seamlessly with modern design sensibilities. Elevate

your space with the timeless grace and clean lines of Dalmata.

Opera d'Arte

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Opera d'Arte, a work of art inspired by the

exceptional breche marble quarried in France. Brecciated marble is renowned for

its captivating fusion of broken fragments from different types of stone, creating an

organic collage of shape and color. With a color scheme that includes striking

shades of purple, black, green, white, and pink, this exquisite slab is perfect for

creating decorative surfaces like fireplace cladding. Elevate your space with the

natural masterpiece that is Opera d'Arte.

Quartzite Celeste

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Quartzite Celeste, a stunning mix of blue

hues with veins of white and gold that creates a mesmerizing linear movement. This

exquisite stone brings a touch of warmth to any interior and serves as a welcome

escape from winter's icy grip. Elevate your space with the unparalleled beauty of

Quartzite Celeste.

Silver Roots

Experience the subtle yet powerful beauty of Silver Roots, a stunning natural stone

that blends warm and cool tones of silver and gold. The soft taupe ground is

delicately laced with fine strands of deep gold, evoking an image of precious metals

drizzled over the slab. Bold crystalline veins of charcoal grey ripple across the

surface, with occasional inclusions that bring to mind a handful of black sand from a

secluded tropical beach. With its intricate patterns and captivating hues, Silver

Roots is a true masterpiece that will elevate any interior with its understated


Onice Bianco

Indulge in the stunning beauty of Onice Bianco, a breathtaking interpretation of

natural onyx stone. With its subtle white background and delicate veins in shades of

yellow and white, this stone captures the distinct character of its natural

counterpart with unparalleled precision. The gentle interplay of colors and textures

evokes a sense of timeless elegance, making Onice Bianco a perfect choice for

those seeking to infuse their spaces with a touch of refined sophistication. Revel in

the harmonious blend of beauty and nature with this exquisite natural wonder.

Verde Sogno

Verde Sogno is not just a slab of stone, but a true work of art that captures the

essence of a lush green forest. The intricate and mesmerizing texture of this slab is

a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of nature. The rich green hues of the

stone evoke a sense of calm and tranquility, bringing a touch of the natural world

into any space. With Verde Sogno, you can create a space that is both elegant and

grounded in the beauty of the earth.

Sodalite Fantasy

Sodalite Fantasy, a masterful work of art that expertly captures the natural splendor

of sodalite in its intricate and awe-inspiring patterns. With its stunning hues and

mesmerizing lines, this piece exudes a sense of grandeur and refinement that will

elevate any space it graces.

Les Quatre Saisons

Quatre Saisons, a true masterpiece of nature, showcases a mesmerizing blend of

rich hues and powerful textures. Brecciated, veined, and linear clasts create a

captivating surface, while each distinct section dazzles with colors of rose, merlot,

aubergine, pine, blush, and peach. Quatre Saisons remains a regal choice for the

true connoisseur of luxurious design.