UP+ | Ceiling Mixer

For those seeking efficient, functional elegance, with a minimal style.

With its simple, clean lines that adapt effortlessly to any setting, UP+ derives from a desire to create a product able to satisfy different characters and suit different styles, blending smoothly with its surroundings. Given the shapes of the collection, conceived by Rubinetterie Treemme’s designers, UP+ is the ideal partner for minimal furnishing styles, but can also slot attractively into more richly decorative settings, making its mark and capturing the attention.

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Spécifications techniques

  • color: Chrome(CC) - Brushed Gold(DZ) - Brushed Rose Gold(SZ) - Brushed Nickel(NF) - Matt Black(NN) - Matt White(BB) - Polished Black Chrome(HH) - Brushed Black Chrome(CZ) - 24K Polished Gold(DD) - Polished Nickel(NL) - Oxidised(KK) - Brushed Burnished
  • materials: Brass