Where Modern Architecture Embraces Nature's Beauty

In the heart of Kfor, South Lebanon, lies a project that transcends the boundaries of architectural brilliance—crafted by Hasan Sharkawi. This stunning creation seamlessly marries modern architecture with the untouched splendor of nature, resulting in a harmonious blend that captivates the soul.

The exterior of Sharkawi's masterpiece is a testament to innovation and aesthetics coexisting in perfect harmony. A breathtaking ventilated facade graces the structure, not just as a design element but as an embodiment of modernity. As one explores the surroundings of this elegant structure, they are greeted by a tranquil oasis—a mesmerizing pool that mirrors the hues of the sky.

Venturing inside, the kitchen becomes a canvas where innovation meets functionality. The use of Soapstone Dark and White Cloud porcelain slabs is a stroke of genius, bringing together charm and tranquility in a seamless union.

Kfor - Lebanon
Dr Hasan Sharkawi

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