Grey Tones

In the realm of contemporary design, Atlas Plan's grey stone slabs redefine elegance. From kitchens to bathrooms to living rooms, these slabs elevate every space into a modern masterpiece.

In the kitchen, smooth surfaces on the backsplash and island create a culinary sanctuary, blending functionality with sophistication.

In the bathroom, the heavenly White Cloud slab brings tranquility with its delicate veins dancing across a light grey background, evoking the harmony of clouds.

And in the living room, intense grey stone floors with light veins tell a poetic tale, anchored by the bold statement of the Basaltine Volcano TV unit.

Atlas Plan's stone slabs aren't just materials; they're the embodiment of modern elegance, transforming spaces into contemporary art galleries. With each project, they infuse ordinary spaces with wonder and possibility, inviting us to embrace the allure of modern design.

Interior Design Studio:
Plan B Concept

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