A Bespoke Design Service

With over three decades of extensive industry experience, working on unique projects across various contract design sectors such as hospitality, residential, public works to retail chains, we are primely positioned to offer you the best in design services if you require it. We guarantee an unrivaled custom design experience with our extensive knowledge of Italian luxury coupled with the awareness of functionality of usage and space. Our team of experts has the technical know-how to guide you and advise you from the initial design process to the choice of finishes, guaranteeing the success of your project.

On paper to on-site

At Emporio Ceramico, we understand that every project comes with its own personal story and set of challenges. This is why our expertise allows us to extend unrivaled support to our customers in identifying the ideal strategy to fulfill their design needs complete with technical and functional requirements, and to create impromptu solutions if needed. Wherever you are in the world, we offer designers assistance in whatever they may need. Whether your project is local or international, our devoted and committed team is within reach to guarantee prompt responses and a centralized organization for a seamless experience.

Design in the spotlight

We are constantly working on pushing the barriers of design to create innovative, advanced and appealing products. We make sure that all our surfaces, for both indoors and outdoors, are adaptable to be used in an extensive array of applications and conditions.


Our stone workshop.

From imagination to installation

A team of specialized engineers and technicians will offer you support throughout the entire process: starting with the feasibility study, to the design, calculation of quantities, selection of material, development, and creation to on-site assistance.

No matter how intricate, sophisticated, or complex, our team will come to you with the most appropriate technical solution, as well as advice on long-term maintenance. We take following up on all phases of our projects to heart, as we are keen on providing our customers with the end-to-end support they deserve.

How we work

Optimized solutions

Selecting the ideal material and size based on the customer’s requirements is key to ensuring a smooth installation and flawless finish. Our team is here to optimize your experience with proper planning for cost-effectiveness and fast installation.

Bill of quantities

Relieve your mind of the headache of studying installation diagrams and calculating material quantities, and leave that to our experts. As we are familiar with the manufacturing sizes of our products, we are able to calculate the exact quantities you might need down to the T, alleviating you from extra waste.

On-site support

Our technicians oversee the installation process on-site for more elaborate projects. Wherever the project may be, we are here to assist you with the logistical management of our product, as well as guide you with the selection of the top methods and materials and finally, coordinate installation teams to guarantee correct installation.

Make that dream come true

  • Whatever your vision is, our team can help you bring it to life. Make an appointment with our designers or simply pay one of our showrooms a visit!

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Wellness area with an urban style

Colorful, three-dimensional effects for a residential bathroom with an urban style

Industrial style bathroom

The perfect balance between a plaster effect and metal look

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Metal-effect contrasting colors

The charm of opposites attracting