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Bring your concepts to life with our exceptional solutions for your interiors. Our selection of large-size slabs perfectly reproduces the beauty, elegance, and richness of colors and effects of marble while providing better longevity, strength, durability and hygiene making it the premier solution to all your furnishing for residential and commercial projects. We supply you with the benefit of having a blank canvas that allows you to bring all your innovative ideas to life creating limitless possibilities, new concepts and unique atmospheres with your tops, backsplashes, tables, doors and tailor-made furnishings. Our extensive collection of sizes and thicknesses makes our slabs perfect for residential use in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and commercial use such as in hotels, restaurants, offices and stores.

Counter tops

Gather your family and loved ones around for some bonding time in the kitchen and allow us to add elegance to the memories with our immaculate and exquisite designs. Whether it is worktops, backsplashes, tables, and/or special covering solutions, our slabs guarantee strong, stain, and mold resistant material and an unwavering commitment to hygiene and safety with a lavish and glamourous finish.


Dream-like bathrooms all have one thing in common: they all seem rightly put together in their space. Pick your style and allow us to help you create the perfect bathroom with original designs and lush aesthetics whether you are looking for material continuity or distinguished pieces. Our collection of slabs is strong, stable and resistant to water, mold and moisture providing extra safety and hygiene. From wall coverings, basins, to shower trays and bathtubs, our models are versatile and customizable. Our basins are the ideal combination of design and functionality, our anti-slip shower trays create a perfect flow of material while our bathtubs are the epitome of practicality and beautiful designs.


We deliver timeless customizable porcelain surfaces to suit any type or style of furnishings. With our expansive selection and stock, you can experiment with exclusive effects, colors, shapes and sizes to add a distinctive quality to your rooms. From grand dining tables, prestigious meeting-room tables, to reception-room tables, stairs or accessories, we promise you the utmost quality, durability and sustainability combined with the most glamorous of looks to provide the aesthetic harmony that enriches any space.


Porcelain stoneware ventilated facades are an innovative cladding method that guarantees outstanding performance, composition freedom and a striking aesthetic finish. Natural effects such as stone and concrete are optimum for this type of buildings solution and give the finest visual enrichment to any façade.

The popularity of ventilated facades is on the rise due to its energy savings and its ability to improve living comfort. The air gap between the insulation and the facade cladding provides a drainage, ventilation and thermal solution that protects the building against the weather, while at the same time creating a healthy indoor climate.


Surface suitable for contact with foodstuffs


Easy to clean

High temperature resistant

Frost resistant

Scratch Resistant

Acid resistant

Stain resistant

Mold Resistant


No alteration in color

Resistant to heavy loads

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““Emporio Ceramico’s solutions has really succeeded in turning my entire house into a piece of art. From the walls, floors to the tables- everything was beautifully designed and executed with meticulous care. ””

Eric, Beirut, Lebanon

How we work

We listen

We listen to your needs and offer our guidance on the best custom solution.

You Choose

You choose the stone with the color and pattern that you love the most from our expansive collection.

We Design

Our talented design team will work on a bespoke solution based on our initial conversation taking into consideration your preferences and functionality of design.

We Create

After you confirm a design selection, our team of specialists will begin fabrication of your unique customized piece in our workshops

We Deliver

Once your pieces are finalized, we’ll take them on a trip around the world for you. We can deliver your pieces to your doorstep, wherever you are in the world.

We Install

Relax in the comfort of your home as we bring the pieces to you and let our experts handle the installation process for a guaranteed impeccable finish.

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  • Whatever your vision is, our team can help you bring it to life. Make an appointment with our designers or simply pay one of our showrooms a visit!

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Wellness area with an urban style

Colorful, three-dimensional effects for a residential bathroom with an urban style

Industrial style bathroom

The perfect balance between a plaster effect and metal look