Zie 60

This ZIE 60 sink will give personality to your kitchen. ZIE is the Poalgi sinks collection that perfectly adapts to the kitchens of the 21st century. A collection that seeks sophistication and modernity thanks to its minimalist design, defined by square and pure lines. The versatility of ZIE kitchen sinks lets you choose between an infinite number of finishes and compositions.

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  • color: Black

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Personality, Elegance and Versatility

ZIE’s collection of kitchen sinks presents minimalist designs, with square lines, refined and of apparent simplicity in the search for sophistication and modernity. All ZIE sinks collections are made to be placed under the worktop, this type of assembly together with its valves and overflow also square will make the sink a piece with a lot of personality in your kitchen.

ZIE 60 measures 65 x 45 cm and is designed for a minimum 70 cm piece of furniture. ZIE 60 is the best option to enjoy a sink with a large, spacious and comfortable sink, as it does not have the barrier created by a double sink.