Zie 70

Hekla is the first homemade granite material and the one with the highest resistance. Inspired by the force of nature, Hekla is forever. With the development of this material, Poalgi presents ZIE, a sinks collection that adapts to the kitchens of the 21st century. Sophistication and modernity thanks to a minimalist design, with square and pure lines. Sinks are made for life and conceived as pieces of craftwork.

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  • color: Black & Beige

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Personality, Elegance and Versatility

The geometry of the shapes of the ZIE sink collection gives simplicity and order to the composition of your kitchen. They are sinks to be placed under or above the worktop. This type of assembly together with its valves and square overflows will make the sink a piece with a lot of personality in your kitchen.

ZIE 70 1C Hekla measures 75 x 45 cm and is designed for a minimum 80 cm piece of furniture. ZIE 70 1C Hekla is the best option to enjoy a sink with a large, spacious and comfortable sink, as it does not have the barrier that double sinks create. With an ideal aesthetic for very modern kitchens with a contemporary and minimalist style.